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Tesco leaflets
Tesco leaflets
Tesco leaflets


Tesco, currently the UK’s leading supermarket retailer, was opened as a market stall in 1919. Thereafter, the first Tesco store opened in 1929 in Burnt Oak, selling dried foods and its very own branded tea-Tesco Tea.

Now, Tesco PLC operates in over 3000 stores across the UK and 7000 stores globally. Tesco also functions as a number of stores including Tesco Superstores, Tesco Extra, Tesco Express, Tesco Metro, Petrol Stations, and the newest edition-Jack’s.

For more information on the store locations, visit the store finder here. Tesco additionally prides their brand on quality assurances and, thus, provides a large product list of the most affordable and high standard products on the market.

These products include groceries, foods, clothing, electronics, TV, microwaves, liquor, bakery goods, childcare products, beauty and cosmetics products, cleaning detergents, DIY products, car accessories, garden equipment, and more.

The services offered at Tesco stores are additionally valuable and contribute to the Tesco brand being a customer-favourite. These services include online shopping, timely delivery services, direct retailing across the nation, Tesco banking and mobile services, and online recipes.

Weekly special offers and sale items are also provided in all stores with reduced prices on a wide range of items. Visit the comprehensive website to view the available deals and offers this week at https://www.tesco.com.


  • Wide-Ranging Services: Tesco assists customers with all their shopping needs with credit facilities from the Tesco bank, deliveries to areas nationwide, mobile services, and more.
  • Great Promotional Offers: The weekly promotional offers provided by Tesco allow customers to budget less on their preferred grocery items by offering the cheapest products on the market.
  • Tesco Club Card: Sign up for the convenient Tesco Club Card to earn points on all your swipes. You can also receive cash back vouchers to spend on any of your favourite store items.
  • Environmental Sustainability: As a result of their aims in promoting the awareness of environmental sustainability, Tesco only uses recyclable bags as well as participates in raising funds for various environmental organisations.


Tesco is located in areas across the country including London, Edinburgh, Leicester, Reading, Manchester, and more. Visit the store locator here to access the store closest to you. Trading hours are subject to change.