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The UK’s leading supermarkets chain, Lidl, has been operating across the country since 1994. The Lidl Group was initially established in Germany in 1973 and soon expanded its establishment by opening stores throughout Europe.

There are currently 700 supermarket stores across the UK and 12 distribution centres. These stores can be located in Wishaw, Lanark, Kelso, Dumfries, and more locations. Visit the store finder here to locate the store nearest you.

Lidl’s aims in providing consumers with the lowest prices on quality grocery items have contributed to the company’s success. The regular specials have also ensured that customers pay even less on their grocery items.

These grocery items include (but not limited to) fresh meat and fish, fruits and vegetables, frozen foods, dry foods, childcare products, tools, liquors, health and beauty products, pet products, cleaning detergents, and more.

Gluten and lactose-free food products are also provided to suit all dietary requirements. For more detail on the wide range of products available, visit their website at

The items on promotion are also available via Lidl’s online website. Here you can find information regarding the offers this week, offers next week, weekend offers, offers today, and offers from Thursday.


  • Affordable Prices: At Lidl, the best prices on a variety of grocery items are provided so that you can spend less on your favourite products. The product brands are also carefully selected to ensure quality assurance.
  • Great Deals: Weekly offers are provided in all Lidl stores and ensure that you receive your groceries at the best prices on the market. Visit the given website for a current leaflet on the latest offers.
  • Cashless Payment Options: Lidl offers a convenient variety of payment options including Mobile Device Payments so that customers can enjoy pleasant shopping experiences.
  • Friendly Employees: The employees in all Lidl stores are happy to assist customers with all their purchase questions.


Lidl stores are found in Wishaw, Lanark, Kelso, Dumfries, and more locations. Visit the store finder here to locate the store nearest you. Trading hours are from Monday-Saturday: 08:00am-20:00pm and Sunday: 09:00am-17:00pm. These hours are subject to change depending on each different store.