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Makro is an international wholesale retailer that operates under the Cash and Carry Group. Makro opened in the UK in 1971 and has since become a leading retailer in bulk products including food, grocery, detergents, sports equipment, and home appliance items. Makro UK is currently owned by the wholesaler, Booker Group, as of 2012.

Makro stores are additionally conveniently located in commercial regions including Belfast, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Norwich, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Croydon, Liverpool, Reading, Southampton, and more locations.

All stores nationwide include a wide range of products that are suitable for all customer needs. These products include cleaning and laundry detergents, health and beauty products, sweets and chocolates, kitchen utensils, fresh and frozen food, meat, liquor, non-alcoholic beverages, and more.

Customers particularly enjoy the low prices offered by Makro as a result of their regular promotions and affordable bulk prices. These promotions often include online promotions, deals this week, buy one get one free deals, specials on wide-ranging products, and other offers.

The Makro website provides more information regarding the product list and offers available and can be accessed at The information provided via their website also includes the Makro Mail promotional catalogue.


  • Competitive Prices: The prices on all products available in Makro stores are offered at competitive prices ensuring that you pay less on all your purchases.
  • Online Shopping: Purchase your preferred products from the comfort of your home with Makro’s online store. Deliveries are also available to all areas across the country.
  • Makro Trade Card: The Makro Trade Card allows customers to receive cash back rewards on all their purchases and discounted rates on a range of items. Apply for your Makro Trade Card through the quick and easy online application here.


Visit the Makro store nearest you with stores located in Belfast, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Norwich, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Croydon, Liverpool, Reading, Southampton, and more regions. You can also access the store locator here. Operating hours are from Monday-Friday: 7am-6pm, Saturday: 7am-4.30pm, and Sunday: 9am-4pm. These hours may vary.