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HSBC Holdings plc is a British multinational investment bank and financial services holding company. It’s one of the ten largest banks in the whole world and the largest in Europe. It originated in British Hong Kong and today is mostly based in London. It was founded by Sir Thomas Sutherland and since 1865 it grew into this gigantic proportions. It has many branches in Asia, Europe, and Amerikas and it’s one of the most rapidly growing banks. It not only stands its ground among other financial giants, but it continues to evolve and develop its services to provide the best solutions to its customers.

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HSBC provides its customers with all the basic banking and financial aid like the other banks so you can get a credit card, loans, mortgages, investment accounts, and more. And although traditional bank, it continues to expand on the internet with its innovative internet banking and online financial services like a mortgage calculator. It also offers personal banking for intermediaries and you can view share price easily on their official website You should choose HSBC as a sure and reliable banking services provider because you have all the reassurances the big corporation can give you and in case of emergency, it’s one of the safest places for your finances since these financial giants are insured against all kinds of extreme situations.

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Login to your bank account or visit a branch „near me“ and get started right away. You can find contact number information on their official website or you can use a very comfortable contact form. You can also contact their customer support directly if you encounter any issue that you believe is individual or not explained on their Questions and Answers page. IF you will be visiting in person, be sure to check opening times because they may vary.

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