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Morrisons first opened as a market stall in 1899, selling eggs and butter at the Bradford Market. Soon after its establishment, the Morrisons brand expanded and began opening stores across the UK. Now, Morrisons is the fourth largest supermarket in the country and provides groceries at the lowest prices on the market.

Morrisons’ stores can be located anywhere across the UK with 500 stores (and counting). These stores can be located in Stamford, Dumfries, Brighton, Manchester, Nottingham, Blackpool, and more regions.

All stores are fully stocked and provide customers with fresh foods and high-quality grocery products. These products include fresh, frozen, and dry foods, bakery goods, meats, flowers, whiskey, gin, and other liquors, clothes, health and beauty products, baby care products, and detergents.

Morrisons also offers Food to Order including deliciously prepared platters for all customer requirements including dairy and wheat free foods.

Online shopping, home delivery, and a rewards card are some of the many convenient services that Morrisons also provides to their valued customers. For more information regarding these services, visit their website at

The website additionally provides details regarding the latest promotions including Easter eggs on sale, wine offers, beer offers, match and more, and other discounted items.



Find a Morrisons store near you with branches located in Stamford, Dumfries, Brighton, Manchester, Nottingham, Blackpool, and more regions. Trading hours are from Monday-Friday: 07:00am-23:00pm, Saturday: 08:00am-20:00pm, and Sunday: 12:00pm-18:00pm. These hours may differ according to each store.


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