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PRICES HELD FOR EIGHT WEEKS* Gardey NUGGETS Garden Gourmet Vegan Nuggets 2kg 820005 Essentially Catering Sliced Unsmoked Back Bacon 4 x 2kg 155852 aah! BISTO GRAVY GRANULES FOR MEAT MAKES 25 LITRES 1.8kg 771143/771165 aah! BISTO 5th JANUARY 29th FEBRUARY 2024 £17.29 kg 820008 Bisto Gravy Granules: Meat/Pountry PRICEHOLD GUARANTEE NEW RANGE NEW RANGE NEW RANGE GRAVY GRANULES Garden Gourmet Sensational Vegan Burger Garden E B BESTWAY PART OF THE BESTWAY WHOLESALE WHOLESALE FAMILY £23.99 SUPERCRUNCH CHUNKY CHIPS £39.99 623263/623252/623274/714202 RESEALABLE ZIP Tetley Tea Bags £10.79 100 Tea Bags £18.49 443231 Tetley ORIGINAL ONE CUP Garden Gourmet Vegan Cumberland Sausage 2kg 820004 Visit depot Gard Frozen Essentially Catering Supercrunch Chips: Straight Cut 3/8, Chunky Cut, Straight Cut Skin On 3/8,Straight Cut 7/16 SUPERCRUNCH STRAIGHT CUT CHIPS 3/8 Deepio Degreaser Spray 6 x 750ml 671402 £18.99 Follow us on Linked in DEEPIO SUPERCRUNCH SKIN-ON CHIPS £12.99 2kg 820003 Garden Gourmet Vegan Fillet Pieces Visit FAIRY 5ltr THE BEST DEALS ACROSS OUR CATERING RANGE 5X Garden STAGIA FALET POST 727280/727093 £21.99 SUPERCRUNCH STRAIGHT CUT CHIPS 7/16 DESP £13.99 M Fairy Professional Washing Up Liquid: Original/Lemon FAIRY 3X CO £12.99 Google play Download the App Aup So

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