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Price Hold Guarantee The best deals across our catering range 5th JANUARY - 29th FEBRUARY 2024 Garden Garden Gourmet Vegan Nuggets 2kg 820005 NUGGETS essentially BAKED BEANS aah! BISTO GRAVY GRANULES FOR MEAT MAKES 25 LITRES NEW RANGE NEW RANGE NEW RANGE Essentially Catering Baked Beans 6 x 2.62kg 17175 £19.99 £17.29 2kg 820008 LOCAL SHOP QUALITY FOOD foodservice we deliver... AWARDS WINNER Qah BISTO Bisto Gravy Granules: Meat/Pountry 1.8kg 771143/771165 GRAVY GRANULAS Garden SENSATIONA BURGER RAN Garden Gourmet Sensational QUALITY PRO STRAIGHT CUT CHIPS £10.79 Flamm Vegan Burger Frozen Essentially Catering Straight Cut Chips: 3/8, 7/16 4 x 2.27kg 422074/422052 £13.49 STRAIGHT CUT CHIPS £23.99 2kg 820004 RESEALABLE ZIP Tetley ORIGINAL ONE CUP Order Online Essentially Catering Sliced Unsmoked Back Bacon 4 x 2kg 155852 £39.99 Tetley Tea Bags 1100 Tea Bags £18.49 443231 G SENSATIONAL Garden Gourmet Vegan Cumberland Sausage Deepio Degreaser Spray 6 x 750ml 671402 200M FM RAN Follow us on Linked in £18.99 Essential Catering Foil 300mm x 75m 524344 £5.29 Call 01738 646666 Essentially Catering Cling Film 300mm x 300m 524364 £4.79 DEEPIO £12.99 Congfler play App Store Garden SENSATIONAL EPILET NELES Garden Gourmet Vegan Fillet Pieces 2kg 820003 5ltr KITCHEN FOIL CLING FILM FAIRY £21.99 727280/727093 FAIRY Fairy Professional Washing Up Liquid: Original/Lemon 3X COP £12.99 Download the BBFoodservice App

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