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Initially operating as a mail order company, Maplin was established in 1972 in Essex. Since it’s founding, the company experienced a successful expansion and began retailing electronics products and services aimed at providing customers with the latest high-quality technologies.

Maplin currently operates as an online shop in order to provide customers with a wider product range with deliveries available throughout the UK in areas including Derby, Manchester, London, Croydon, Southampton, Edinburgh, and more locations.

The many products available for purchase at Maplin include smart living products (smartphone printers, speakers, heating and cooling systems, and watches), security and CCTV products (alarm systems, baby monitors, and safes), computer and gaming products (keyboards, hard drives, chairs, and accessories), home and office products (weather station, TV brackets, wall mounts, and electrical equipment), and more.

In addition, the valuable services provided to customers further ensure a convenient shopping experience with services including various convenient payment options, affordable delivery options, technical support, and a teaching platform to assist customers with their purchases.

Information regarding the available products and services can be found via their website at  A current catalogue of the latest clearance sale, promotional offers, and technological news articles are available on the website.


  • Frequent Promotional Deals: The frequent promotional deals offered by Maplin allows you to equip your home with the latest smart technologies and electronics at the lowest prices on the market.
  • Teaching Platform: The learning materials and videos published by Maplin ensures that customers are fully equipped with all the knowledge necessary for making the right purchases based on customer requirements.
  • Great Services: As a result of Maplin’s online shopping platform, the company aims to assist customers in the most convenient ways possible including timely delivery services, a variety of payment options, and 24-hour technical support.
  • Carefully Selected Brands: Maplin offers only the best quality brands on all items to ensure that customers enjoy products that have a high standard and are long-lasting.


Maplin operates as an online shop with timely deliveries available in areas including Derby, Manchester, London, Croydon, Southampton, Edinburgh, and more locations. More information on the delivery options can be found here.