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Opening its first UK store in 1987, IKEA has strived to provide elegant, contemporary, and well-designed furniture to consumers at the best prices on the market. In recent years, the IKEA brand has experienced significant achievements since it’s opening. For instance, IKEA operates in 26 countries internationally, 12.8 million mattresses have been sold in the UK since it opened, and there are over 20 IKEA stores across the country.

These stores are conveniently located in popular shopping centres to ensure a pleasant shopping experience and stores can be found in Sheffield, Glasgow, London, Wembley, Cardiff, Coventry, Edinburgh, and more areas.

As a leading UK furniture retailer, customers can find a variety of elegantly manufactured furniture products in-store including beds, chairs, décor, cookware, garden furniture, kitchen appliances, lights, desks, wardrobes, bookcases, chest of drawers, homeware, laundry appliances, and more.

IKEA restaurants are also available in each store; serving fresh and deliciously prepared meals. These meals include traditional Swedish cuisine and a Swedish inspired food market is also available so that customers can purchase carefully selected fresh, packaged, and dry foods.

The convenient customer services offered by IKEA are additionally what contributes to the company’s success as these services are affordable and include deliveries, kitchen installations, van rentals, recycling, and assembling.

For more information regarding these convenient services, visit their website at https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/. The website also provides an online catalogue of the products in stores and the special offers and sale items currently available.



IKEA stores are conveniently located in areas including (but not limited to) Sheffield, Glasgow, London, Wembley, and more regions. Follow the store locator here to find a store closest to you. Trading hours are from Monday-Saturday: 10:00am-22:00pm and Sunday: 11:00am-17:00pm. These hours may vary.


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