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RUGBY SCHEME OF WORK SCHEME OF WOR Merton provide schools with the support and services they need to deliver the very best PE and sporting opportunities for their students By our partner INSPIRE & EDUCATE MIRROR MAN SET UP Set up two parallel lines of differently coloured cones, approximately 2m apart. HOW TO PLAY 1 Ask all children to put on a tag belt (one tag stuck on either side Il Il of their hips) and split the players into pairs. with their partner who will be player A and playerEB partners (Bs) lined up directly opposite them, approximately 2m 2 Provide each pair with one rugby ball and ask them to agree 3 All the As line up on one side of the playing field with thein 4 Ask the children to imagine that there is a giant mirror between 5 All the As will tart with the ball in two hands and act as the away (ensure there is enough space either side to move freely) them and their partner STEPS 60 leader 6 On the teacher's command, the As move in different direction (left, right, front, back) with quick feet movements, trying to outwit their partner and knock them off balance. Each movement should be one step only 7The Bs imagine that the As are their reflection-they have to mimic their partner's moves and directions. Il 8After a few seconds, the teacher blows the whistle. At this point, player A (with ball) tries to side-step past their partner and STEP score a try on the line 9Repeat this process but swap roles so the Bs are the leaders. RESOURCES TAG BELTS RUGBY BALLS BIBS MARKERS &CONES (different colours) Page Page 16 Page Pages 20-21 ORDERS & ADVICE:DECATHLON.CO.UK FOLLOW DECATHLON

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