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TENNIS SCHEME OF WORK CHEME OF WOR ROUND THE COURT SET UP Groups set out their own courts using markers or cones. Big court: further to run but bigger area to hit into. Small court: shorter distance to run but smaller target area. HOW TO PLAY 1 Split the class into two teams 2 One team starts on one side of the court, the other on the opposite side 3 One player (server) starts the rally 4 The player on the opposite side (returner) 5 The next player on the server's side of 6 After hitting the ball over the net, players with an underarm serve returns the ball the court strikes the ball back. run around the court, getting ready to continue the rally on the other side. shots as possible. forehand play, clockwise for backhand play to make it easier or harder depending on 7 Teams continue the rally for as many 8Vary the running direction: anti-clockwise for 9 Change the number of players on a court the ability of the children. RESOURCES TENNIS TENNIS RACKETS TENNIS NETS &CONES BALLS (different colours) 25 23 Page Page Page Pages 20-21 26 NEED MORE INFORMATION? GET EXPERT ADVICE AT: 020 7064 3000

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