Decathlon offer 16.4.2018 - 30.9.2018 - NO LONGER VALID

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Decathlon offer  - 16.4.2018 - 30.9.2018 - Sales products - accessories, ladder, game, marker. Page 20.
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ACCESSORIES E69 STa WITH HOSE EXTENSION Ta KIPSTA DOUBLE-ACTION PUMP KIPSTA DOUBLE-ACTION PUMP/PRESSURE GAUGE Designed for inflating all types of balls used in team sports. This pump has a double-action mechanism, allowing you to inflate your ball more quickly Inflate your balls with precision thanks to this double-action (air expelled back and forth) ball pump with its built-in pressure gauge PRODUCT ID 8369006 PRODUCT ID 8365293 E1499 KIPSTA FLAT DISC MARKERS PACK OF 40 KIPSTA MODULAR 15cm CONES PACK OF 6 This set of 40 cones is perfect for marking out a pitch or a playing game for team sports. Semi-rigid stackable cones. Designed for indoors or outdoors. These cones can be used on their own or combined with marker bars, and let you clip bars onto them to create hurdles. PRODUCT ID 8056790 PRODUCT ID 8308168-yellow PRODUCT ID 8365002 orange E1499 KIPSTA UNIVERSAL HOOP 58cm KIPSTA MODULAR AGILITY LADDER Designed for indoor or outdoor team-sport training sessions. This hexagonal hoop allows you to vary exercises. Non-slip silicone inserts reduce slippage. Designed for physical condition training. Perfect for working on coordination. This agility ladder is modular thanks to press buttons. It allows you to vary the distances between rungs and combine it with other ladders. It measures 4m. 8310145 8310058 PRODUCT ID PRODUCT ID 20 NEED MORE INFORMATION? GET EXPERT ADVICE AT: 020 7064 3000

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