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TAG RUGBY SCHEME OF WORK SCHEME OF WOR Merton provide schools with the support and services they need to deliver the very best PE and sporting opportunities for their students By our partner INSPIRE & EDUCATE COLOUR BOX SET UP Using cones or disc markers, set out four different coloured boxes in each corner of the playing area and ask each player to put on a tag belt and collect a ball. n її HOW TO PLAY 1 Split the class into four groups. 2 Choose one group to be the defenders they start in the middle. The other three groups start in a designated coloured box. Each of these players has a ball 3 4 The teacher calls out for one coloured box to move to another coloured box. When called, they must run past the defenders into their finishing box. For example: 'Blue box to orange box. 5 If a player makes it inside the box, they are safe from the defenders as the box acts as a safe zone. However, if they are tagged outside the safety areas, they join the defending team. 6 Initially, call one colour at a time to move Progress to asking multiple boxes to move at the same time. For example: "Blue box to orange box, green box to red box-go 7 Encourage all teams to work cooperatively 8 Encourage attacking players to use evasive and fast footwork to move into areas of open space. 9Continue the game until there is one attacking player left standing RESOURCES MARKERS &CONES (different colours) BIBS TAG BELTS RUGBY BALLS Page 20-21 Page age 16 Page ORDERS & ADVICE:DECATHLON.CO.UK FOLLOW DECATHLON in 19

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