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Decathlon offer  - 16.4.2018 - 30.9.2018 - Sales products - accessories, coach, ring. Page 18.
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ACCESSORIES pSTa COACH EDICAL OFFICIA STAFF REVERSIBLE OFFICI KIPSTA REVERSIBLE CAPTAIN'S ARMBAND KIPSTA TEAM ARMBAND PACK PACK OF 2 Designed for identifying staff during team-sport events. These armbands help the referee to recognise staff members during official competitions. Designed for identifying the team captain. It is reversible in red and purple colours. 8271684 PRODUCT ID 8271149 PRODUCT ID KIPSTA WHISTLE CORD KIPSTA SET OF FOOTBALL REFEREE CARDS Designed for keeping a whistle around your neck during training sessions or matches. Attachment clip with safety system. Designed for refereeing. Two cards: one yellow, one red. 8023965 PRODUCT ID PRODUCT ID 8003873 ROTOTECH-PLASTICO SQUEEZE WHISTLE KIPSTA PLASTIC WHISTLE TREMBLAY FOX WHISTLE Designed for use in training and matches. 100% hygienic. Designed for football coaches and referees. Perfect for training sessions and matches. Designed for blowing a whistle in training and matches. Plastic whistle with attachment ring. 8027254 PRODUCT ID 1009810 PRODUCT ID8100420 PRODUCT ID 18 NEED MORE INFORMATION? GET EXPERT ADVICE AT: 020 7064 3000

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