Decathlon offer 1.9.2017 - 30.6.2018 - NO LONGER VALID

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Decathlon offer  - 1.9.2017 - 30.6.2018 - Sales products - bounce, foam, safe, game. Page 4.
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LEARNING IN FOOTBALL KIPSTa 299 299 KIPST KIPSTa KIPSTa KIPSTA SUNNY 300 FOOTBALL KIPSTA FIRST KICK FOOTBALL KIPSTA FOAM 300 FOOTBALL Designed for occasional football kick-abouts on grass or sand-based playing surfaces. Created for comfortable kicking Designed for playing indoor football once or twice a week. This ball enables a safe introduction to Unbeatable price. This football keeps its shape and bounce in play football at any age. Soft-impact play. Wooden, PVC, cement floor Polurethane (PU) Grass or sand-based PVC PITCHES COMPOSITION SIZES Grass or sand-based PVC 3/4/5 PITCHES COMPOSITION SİZE COMPOSITION SIZE 8365935-size 3 (white/blue) PRODUCT ID 8217197-size 4 (yellow/blue) 8217199 -size 5 (green/blue) 8351328 PRODUCT ID 8351337 PRODUCT ID E799 KIPSTa KIPSTA KIPSTO KIPSTA WIZZY FOOTBALL KIPSTA SUNNY 500 FOOTBALL KIPSTA F100 HYBRID FOOTBALL This football's stitching is on the inside, making it more durable, foam is added for greater comfort during play. Flash colour for better visibility This foam ball has a size and weight close to that of a real size 4 football. It is perfect for learning the first steps of football. For football games two to three times a week This ball is 10% lighter than the official standard, making it more comfortable to play barefoot Wooden, PVC, cement floor Polyurethane (PU) Grass or sand-based PITCHES PITCHES PITCHES Grass COMPOSITIONPolyester Elastic Polyurethane (PU) COMPOSITION COMPOSITION PRODUCT ID 8082379 PRODUCT ID 8351342 PRODUCT ID 8373614 NEED MORE INFORMATION? GET EXPERT ADVICE AT: 020 7064 3000

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