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Decathlon offer  - 1.9.2017 - 30.6.2018 - Sales products - accessories, bag, ladder, trolley. Page 20.
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ACCESSORIES KIPSTa 1699 e1499 KIPSTA MODULAR AGILITY LADDER TREMBLAY SLALOM TRAINING POLES -PACK OF 3 Designed for slalom workouts for team-sport training sessions Designed for physical condition training. Perfect for working on coordination. This agility ladder is modular thanks to press buttons. It allows you to vary the distances between rungs and combine it with other ladders. It measures 4m. (pole height:1.72m). Ideal for working on your footwork PRODUCT ID 8310058 PRODUCT ID 5899638 6999 KIPSTA BALL TROLLEY KIPSTA BALL BAG-10-14 BALLS KIPSTA BALL BAG-8 BALLS This bag can hold up to 8 size 5 balls. It is durable and Designed for storing balls indoors comes with an easy-to-open system Designed for transporting balls. Carry bag for 10-14 balls. Easy to carry foldable and on wheels. PRODUCT ID 8001768 PRODUCT IID PRODUCT ID 8324644 8075112 DEAN, CEO OF FIT FOR SPORT Fit For Sport are delighted to be partners with Decathlon, Europe's number one sports retailer. Together we have worked on many campaigns to help ensure that the next generation fit for sport a journéy to an ąceive ife are leading healthy active lifestyles. 203 NEED MORE INFORMATION? GET EXPERT ADVICE AT: 020 7064 3000

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