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CPC is an electronic-related product retailer that trades under the Premier Farnell Group, specialising in the distribution of electronic items for both businesses and individual consumers. With its first store opening in 1967, CPC has become a customer-favourite when purchasing electronic-related products due to their large product range and low prices.

CPC’s main distribution centre operates in Preston with online shopping and quick deliveries available to areas nationwide including Leeds, Edinburgh, Portsmouth, and more areas. In keeping with its aim in providing a large product range of high-quality electrical items, CPC ensures that you receive all your necessary items in a timely manner.

The products available in-store includes electrical components (fans, inductors, capacitors, fuses and circuit protection products, transformers, sensors, DC & Pulse converter module, and more).

The electronics and lighting products include home appliances (kettles, microwaves, and more), fans and air conditioning, main plugs and adaptors, ventilation products, and wiring essentials.

Finally, other products available for purchase include CCTV and security products, storage products, tools, garden equipment, camping equipment, motor products, toys, décor, paint, and more.

Customers can also enjoy convenient services offered by CPC including online shopping with no minimum purchase orders (payment methods include credit card and gift voucher code), free deliveries, technical support, and frequent promotions.

For more information on the products and services offered in-store, visit the CPC website at https://cpc.farnell.com. You can also find an online catalogue via the given website.



Visit the distribution centre in Preston or shop online via the abovementioned website. The Preston store opening times are from Monday-Friday: 08:00am-19:00 pm.

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