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The Body Shop opened its first store in Brighton, the United Kingdom in 1976. The company was opened for the purposes of providing consumers with natural and ethically sourced products that maintain both high quality and affordability. Trading in over 60 countries with 3000 international stores, The Body Shop has become a popular skincare and cosmetics brand.

The international stores are located in Belgium, Sweden, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, Sri Lanka, and more countries. Furthermore, The Body Shop stores located across the UK can be found in London, Croydon, Livingston, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, and more areas.

All products available in-store are chemical-free, natural, and ethically sourced as a result of The Body Shop’s aims in alleviating the burdens of animal testing. These products also range from skincare, hair care, nail care, and makeup. Both men and women’s products are offered.

The product list, therefore, includes shower gels, face creams, moisturizers, hair treatments, eye creams, foot creams, mascara, eyeliner, blush, bronzer, exfoliators, and fragrances. The various ranges available also include Vitamin C products, Tea Tree, Strawberry, Japanese Cherry Blossom, and more.

A product catalogue can be accessed via The Body Shop’s online website at Sale offers, store information, and current clearance items can also be found on the website.


  • Online Shopping: Purchase your favourite beauty products from anywhere with the convenient online shopping platform. Coupons are also provided on various online purchases providing price-cuts and other discounts.
  • Natural Products: All products provided both online and in-store is manufactured using only naturally sourced ingredients to ensure that products are suitable for all skin types.
  • Loyalty Club: The Body Shop’s loyalty club programme provides money back on all your purchases. These points can then be spent on any of the products available online and in-store. Student discounts are also offered.


Visit The Body Shop by finding the store nearest you via the store locator here. Trading hours are from Monday-Friday: 9am-5: 30pm, Saturday: 9am-9pm, and Sunday: 11am-5pm. These hours may vary.

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